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Holistic Brand & Self-care Retreats

Making positive impact

We believe that the world is in need for change makers that build a brand from their Purpose. In a world where we are all challenged to live bigger, better and faster lives we tend to lose our true purpose. The reason why we walk up in the morning, the drive behind all things you love to do. We understand that all life is connected and we are part of it, and by creating your unique compass you are empowered to stay on track towards the impact you envision for the world.

Follow your Purpose. Live holistically. Impact Sustainably. Play as one.
Start your journey at the Purpose Playground.



Meet Marlene


Marlene Zehnter was working as a community Manager in a Portuguese coworking Space for social entrepreneurs. Before she came to Lisbon, she traveled around the world working as a freelance in Brand Strategy. Throughout her travels she more and more came to understand how important wellbeing is and that the lifestyle-norm in today’s society cannot be a fit for every human on the planet - and for sure was not for her. She started a training in TRE® (Tension Release Exercises) which brought her awareness to the topics of trauma, tension and stress and how they unconsciously are part of nowadays understanding of work. Back to Lisbon her dream was to bring more awareness into her own job as a Brand Strategist. That is when she came across the BTC Trainers Programme. 


Meet Juliette




Juliette Schraauwers is co-founder of the Purpose Playground & founder of Brand it forward. She graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2012. With over 9 years of experience in Sustainable Branding Strategy, she has been working with a diverse group of talented Change makers from every corner of the world. Working part-time on the road and with a home-base in the Netherlands. In 2016 she won the Freelancer of the Year Award for Design. She loves to work with Start-ups, Businesses, and Freelancers with a heart for the planet.

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Change makers

Do you have a business that needs a clear branding strategy while working in a nourishing and inspiring environment with like-minded entrepreneurs? Not sure what journey fits you? Please contact
and she will explain the various options to you. Or view the FAQ to see if your question is here.

Creative spaces

Are you a co-work space, retreat of creative space? And would you like to bring in an inspiring and use-full event that will empower your community? We love to work together an co-create an amazing event. Please contact and she will explain the various options to you.

Press & Talks

We are happy to tell our story! Where our journey began and how we try to change the world by empowering ourselves and others. We are available for interviews and stage presentations worldwide. Please contact for more information.

Follow your Purpose.
Live holistically.
Impact Sustainably.
Play as one.